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    In this book Ed shares with you how by using the law of attraction, your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, you can create anything you want, including the life of your dreams.
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    “Ed’s voice is amazingly calming and soothing.” “I’ve experienced very deep meditations when I listen to this CD.” “This is one of the most effective meditation CDs I’ve ever heard.” “Ed’s voice and the surf combined made it very easy for me to experience very deep meditations.”
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    “The best part of this workshop was the way everything was explained, that really helped me understand and get excited about the law of attraction.” Stacie M.
    To change the world, your personal world and the global world, you need to connect to the source of love that is within you. Stop playing your “roles” and be who you truly are, your inner being, your highest self, the real you. And allow everyone else in the light and safety of pure love to be their inner being, too. Be the authentic you- “be your bean”. You, being connected, will empower and inspire others to do the same. –Ed Langan


    Have you ever been with a group of people and started talking about something? Maybe you were telling stories about when you were in school. Maybe you were talking about your kids. Whatever it may have been, one person tells the story. Then another person tells a story about the same subject, and you feel a sort of pulling inside of you as stories on the same subject start to formulate in your mind.

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    Listen to Ed’s interview on the Pamela Marie Edmunds blog Talk Radio show.

    “Ed makes heady concepts like quantum physics and the law of attraction user-friendly.”

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    10 Principles

    Principle 1. How you feel is important.
    Your emotions help you navigate through life. They tell you how you are doing and whether or not you’re moving towards or away from what you want. Did you ever notice that if you wake up in the morning feeling bad, you carry that feeling with you all day?

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    Be your bean means to live in harmony with your inner being, your best self. Your highest self, fully who you are, connected to source energy and the universe."

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